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Welcome to the site.

The most intellectual site you will ever find, I dare you to look around and find out more. I am merely a man on mission to change people's mind, what mission are you on? Donate if you wish to keep this mission going by using PayPal and using the email address anything will be used for the site.

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    Homeboy industries provides jobs to keep people out of jails

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Who am I?

I am a man who is trying to find his way in life and venturing into the unknowns of life. Hopefully, you will take this journey with me and together we can discover what life is together. I do not claim to have all the answers and never will, however, I will seek the truth and form my opinions on what I see and hear.


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The Blog

In my podcast / blog I try to find answers from "What would happen if Jesus wasn't Crucified" to about my ideas and views on cosplay. My hope is to expand your mind, in my own nonsensical ramblings. I also go over my own life, what I see and hear going on in the world around me, with my opinions added in. Hopefully you will take a listen and add in information, corrections and hopefully topics. The actual Red Dirt Studio at the moment is either my house (which is usually where I do it) or anywere I happen to be. Hopefully any funds given through PayPal (use email will go to a good studio. Also, my podcasts are random due to working fulltime, hopefully this will change.

A bit of Something

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As far as me making money off of this site, if you are wondering why there are ads in here, those are placed there by me, the zazzle and cafepress stores are mine also and I do try to keep the prices low so many can afford them. I would love any input on an item to add, just email me at Jonathan so I can know what you think I should add. I do try to check frequently but I do get distracted so bear with me. The sites lsited are sites I lie and sites and blogs of friends and family, take a look and who knows, you might find out a few things!

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